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How to buy best hgh Somatropin from the market April 13, 2017


Somatotropin (Latin name Somatotropinum humanum pro injectionibus international name Jintropin (Dzhintropin).) – the hormone of the anterior pituitary human growth hormone used in medical practice for intramuscular injection.

Crystal growth hormone was “isolated” in 1944 at the beginning of the animal pituitary (scientists Lai and Evans), and in 1956 “singled out” and human growth hormone.

In 1957, Dr. Raben method of extraction of human growth hormone has been described, shows its effects and proven efficacy.


The amount of growth hormone varies with age. The highest content of this hormone in the body in the first years of life (typically up to 3 years), and the substance becomes maximum secretion in the transition period. At night, a hormone produced much stronger than during the day, so sleep restriction affects the level of secretion of this hormone.

Somatotropin as a medicament is a recombinant DNA structure in the form of a polypeptide consisting of 191 amino acid residues of the compounds, and produced a lyophilized sterile powder which is dissolved before use in water for injection (can also be in solution novocaine (0.25%). buy somatropin

Growth hormone exerts an anabolic effect, a positive effect on the mineral exchange in the organism, increasing lean body mass by stimulating the growth process from a linear dwarf (pituitary dwarfs), as well as children that lack the normal endogenous natural growth hormone.

In adults with hormonal problems (growth hormone deficiency) Growth hormone reduces the total amount of fat, turning it into a lean body mass, so adding them to people missing energy and improving the overall physiology of the organism.

Somatotropin accelerates the healing of deep wounds, blocking processes muscle breakdown, increasing the possibility of the human organism to accumulate (deposit) and save stocks containing compounds after complicated operations.

Indications for admission Growth Hormone

Application of Growth Hormone justified in diseases such as pituitary dwarfism, gonadotropic dysfunction, Turner’s syndrome, congenital deviations in a set of chromosomes, delay in growth due to lack of growth hormone in their own patients.

Instructions to somatotropin recommends use in patients with impaired growth in children diagnosed with renal failure, renal dysfunction, chronic nature, are in the preteen and teenage years.

Somatotropin physicians prescribe AIDS, trophic ulcers, bedsores, diabetic ulcers (mostly in the legs), venous ulcers, deep burns, sepsis, for the early healing of wounds, as well as reducing the catabolic effects. With the same purpose as part of the drug is discharged under severe operating polytherapy interventions, many piercing and cutting and gunshot wounds (in addition, many doctors and patients using somatotropin for treatment of acute pancreatitis and intestinal fistula).

Contraindications to receiving Hormone

According to the instructions of somatotropin, it is impossible to use in case of hypersensitivity, you are hypersensitive to the drug or allergy to it.

If we talk about specific contraindications Growth Hormone, it can not be applied to people who have diagnosed a malignant tumor (if there is suspicion of cancer, before starting treatment with this drug must pass a complete diagnosis), a brain tumor.

Intracranial injury should be treated pre-dose, and Growth Hormone can not be used for the treatment of children diagnosed with a “closed epifizes”.

Diabetes mellitus, chronic treatment with this drug, renal chronic insufficiency requires strict dosage Growth Hormone under the guidance of doctors. Kidney transplantation requires discontinuation of treatment.

Not recommended for use Growth hormone of pregnancy, lactation. Children drug is prescribed only for special indications.


Growth Hormone Side Effects

Reviews of somatotropin can be concluded that the drug was well perceived by the patient, but sometimes may appear allergic reactions – itching, rash, burning, redness and flaking of the skin.

In 30% of cases of marked side effects such as minor edema in 2-3% of patients have been identified in clinical trials symptoms of carpal tunneling disease (swelling of fingers and wrists). Somatotropin caused in the unit number of patients the formation of antibodies to the drug, hypothyroidism, nausea and vomiting, visual disturbances.

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