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Buy Oral Dianabol tablet to bulk body from bunbury Australia April 13, 2017

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What is Danabol

The active substance, on the basis of which created such tablets was developed in 1956 jointly by J. Ziegler and the US, now defunct, company «Ciba-Geigy». Over the next 10 years with a drug methandienone gained wide popularity among athletes, security forces, as well as the representatives of those sports where needed to increase endurance.

In bodybuilding Danabol 50 popular due to the action, it has on muscle mass. Proper use of the drug can increase weight and strength gains in the host. Virtually useless for relief, steroid proved to be excellent for a set of muscle mass. In addition, it increases the appetite, which can not affect the athlete’s body weight.

Effect Danabol 50 mg / tab is: entering the body of the athlete, methandienone instantly absorbed in the digestive tract, in blood is associated with globular protein (globulin) and finally biotransformed in the liver. Inactive metabolites active substance kidneys excreted. The drug is perfectly retains phosphorus, sodium, nitrogen, potassium, and a positive effect on the process of formation, maturation and development of blood cells.

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Danabol : how to make

These pills is recommended to consume after the meal in two ways: in the morning and evening. Start taking experienced athletes with a minimum recommended dose, gradually increasing the daily intake of tablets. So, for beginners is not recommended on the day of taking more than 30-40 mg, ie at least one tablet.

Dosage substance experienced athletes should be about 50-60 mg, and should be based on the physical shape and experience of the athlete. Even the athlete with the experience necessary to be extremely careful with the definition of an individual dosage, and the rate must be made by a professional.

How to take Danabol 50 you can find on our forum, which is moderated by professional athletes and communicate with people with different levels of fitness and experience of steroids. Expert opinions are always valuable and will help you make a decision to purchase a particular product.

Receiving Danabol 50 over a specified dose will not improve the result, but only harm the athlete’s health. The most important thing to remember – there is no direct relationship between the number of tablets taken and the results obtained from the reception.

Full course Danabol 50, depending on the individual characteristics of the receiving body is about 6-8 weeks. With more prolonged use of a high probability of occurrence of side effects. It is worth noting that in the long-term course is not necessary, ie effect of the drug gradually decreases.

Before you use a steroid, the athlete must also make an individual schedule of food intake and exercise routine, it is only in the close relationship of all these elements is the use of AAS can give tangible results. By the way, in the course of preparation you can dial up to 10 kilograms of muscle mass.

Danabol : combination and side effects

The remarkable properties of this steroid allow it to combine with many other anabolics. It is worth remembering that the combined course of taking this drug, and any other, must be developed by an experienced athlete, inexperience in this case can cause serious health damage.


The Forum of our website dedicated to different sports pharmacology, will help you to choose the optimal combination and dosage of a steroid for co-administration. So popular among athletes combination methandienone and stanozolol injection. This “cage” will provide an opportunity to consolidate the results and reduce the gain weight loss. It is also sometimes recommended to combine the drug with oral stanozolol.

Popular and combination with steroids, active substances which are intended to stabilize the androgen receptor. Among them oxandrolone, nandrolone decanoate, trenbolone enentat, and a mixture of testosterone esters. Instructions for Danabol 50mg does not contain information on the combined use of the drug, so before you put it on a course, consult with experts at the forum of our website.

Side effects of the drug – not a frequent occurrence. However unpleasant consequences may occur during chronic administration or increasing the allowable dose of steroid. Description Danabol tablets 50 will not be complete without mention of drug toxicity to the liver, as well as the possibility of increased blood pressure and increased heart rate. Manifestation of gynecomastia really avoid combining reception methandienone with Tamoxifen or Clomid.

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