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How to buy Anavar from Sydney Australia April 13, 2017

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Anavar is one of the most popular oral anabolics all times, due to its good tolerance by the body. This drug – one of the few anabolic steroids which can be used without any harm for both men and women, just as it has minimal side effects. However, oxandrolone greatly underestimated due to its progressive (moderate) exposure, but it is usually due to unrealistic expectations. Many tend to think that all anabolic steroids – should give a powerful effect as soon as possible, but in reality different steroids have different results and effects. Anavar, without a doubt, a useful anabolic steroid, but in order to appreciate its benefits, it is necessary to understand its purpose. where to buy anavar

Anavar 50Hormone Oxandrolone was first released in the early 1960s under the trademark Anavar GD Searle & Co. and received immense popularity due to its medicinal properties. But in 1989, Searle ceased production of the drug, because FDA pressure, which tightened the requirements on anabolic agents market. Important note: Searle owned the licensing rights to the majority of products Oxandrolone in the global market, which has led to the fact that this type of steroids has almost disappeared. In 1995, the Oxandrolone hormone reappeared in sales, thanks to new bio-technology General CORP (BTG), (now – Savient), under the brand name Oxandrin. BTG puts a high price on the drug. Fortunately, we began Anavar production and its cost has decreased in recent years in the United States. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most expensive anabolic steroids on the market, including the purchase of this tool in the “underground laboratories”.

Anavar functions:

Anavar or Oxandrolone – specifically dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, which has been structurally altered. This – DHT with added oxygen atom replacing carbon in 2 A-ring. This change will significantly increase anabolic hormone activity, and prevents not impair metabolism. Anavar also has a change in the 17 th carbon position of an added methyl group which allows hormone ingested. Official Classification of Anavar – an anabolic steroid C17-aa. As a therapeutic drug, it became effective in many stages of treatment. The most common reason for which prescribed the steroid – this in order to increase the weight, for example, after any infection, which led to serious weight loss. Anavar was effective for the treatment of hepatitis B, as well as to the growth and development of children who are experiencing disturbances in hormone formation. Anavar – a very popular anabolic steroid among athletes. It is an anabolic steroid which is 3-6 times stronger than testosterone. Anabolic rating Anavar – 322-630, while testosterone, a powerful anabolic hormone has a rating of 100. This shows that the properties of this steroid for building huge muscles; However, the rating is not an indicator of human experience.

AnavarLooking at Anavar function, you can see that his main ability is – nitrogen retention in the muscle, decrease SHBG and generating an obstacle glucocorticoid hormones. The decrease in SHBG resulting in high levels of testosterone in the blood, it provides good exposure to the drug and help him to influence the body more efficiently. With regard to stop generating the glucocorticoid hormones, it is the regulator of the carbohydrate metabolism of the organism; Cortisol is the most famous. These hormones improve weight gain, as well as destroy the lean muscle. Anavar is known for a good lift level of red blood cells, which in turn increase muskulaturnuyu endurance. Some studies have shown that this steroid has the ability to improve cardiovascular endurance. Last but not least, Oxandrolone – one of the few steroids that promote fat burning. Most of all anabolic steroids increase the metabolic rate, which is just a bit helps burn fat while Oxandrolone immediately breaks down fats. Results for fat splitting is not fully conclusive; It has been several studies that have led to more results. However, the majority of people support the Oxandrolone hormone, which is a powerful fat burner.


Anavar effects:

Anavar effects in the therapeutic treatment required to accelerate tissue regeneration as well as it contributes to an increase in body mass due to muscle and bone growth. We want to demonstrate the effects of Anavar during the reception, while you will understand why we need this steroid:

[1] Growth muscles 

Since Oxandrolone hormone does not burn weight, muscle mass is dry. Water retention is not possible when using this steroid, but muscle growth is still possible. Such a preparation as a Anavar is not the best choice for increasing muscle mass, a better effect can be achieved by drugs such as Anadrol®, Dianabol, nandrolone or testosterone. Anavar steroid not lead to increase muscle in men, but when it comes to the use of women – we have to say the opposite. Women are much more sensitive to Anavar than men, it contributes to the fact that Anavar becomes effective drug. Most women do not try to reach the level of men and gain more muscle mass, more often it’s just a slight conversion of muscle, but no more. Regardless of sex, all who take Anavar for mass build-up – will find its metabolic properties. Due hormone oxandrolone – weight loss occurs, so that body fat is reduced. In order to increase the testosterone, many people prefer to take other steroids.

[2] Weight reduction:

Because of the strong anabolic nature, Anavar – one of the best steroids for a diet that helps maintain dry cloth. To burn body fat – you must burn more calories than we consume. The key to a successful diet – is to maintain a dry cloth for losing excess body fat. However, apart from burning fat, as will “burn” muscle. No matter how well you plan out your diet, it is still going to happen a slight loss of muscle, even without anabolic drugs. Anavar – is the preparation that you will need to maintain a better diet. Those who accept Anwar to burn fat, get the maximum benefit from this drug. No matter how much much cleavage of fat, metabolic rate will be maximized.

[3] Athletic improvement: 

Anwar valued by many athletes in the world for several specific reasons: This steroid increases the power / fortress, as we know the force – one of the first factor in the success of athleticism. Athletes also appreciate Anavar, because it does not contribute to the large mass of capacity. In some cases, a large weight capacity can be an obstacle for the athlete (depending on the sport). This steroid does not lead to water retention in the muscles and for many athletes Anavar – is the perfect choice.

[4] Improved performance. 


Activity preparation:

Regardless of the use of all those taking Anavar will see their pace of recovery has grown, and with it grew and muscular endurance. The athlete will not get tired so quickly, and he will be able to work longer and take more weight. This does not mean that you have to increase the duration of employment, but over time you can improve each session. You will be able to spend more time on each exercise and thereby increase the quality of work. Side effects Anavar: Unlike other anabolic steroids, dihydrotestosterone, such as Anadrol, Anavar – this is the drug that we call – friendly anabolic steroid. Side effects are certainly possible, but for a healthy, adult – are minimized. All those who take the drug Anavar say they do not feel the negative impact of the drug on the body. To understand what the side effects may be at Anavar, we divided all effects into several categories:

[1] The estrogen hormone 

Oxandrolone does not contain estrogenic side effects. It’s not the drug that retains water in the body – because of this he does not have any or estrogenic side effects. Since there is no water retention in the body – it reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Water retention can increase blood pressure, as well as all steroids which do not permit such as – Trenbolone – can lead to increased pressure, but Anavar – not associated with such side effect.

[2] Androgen 

Oxandrolone is not very powerful androgenic steroid, but androgenic activity still exists. Androgenic activity can lead to the derailing of acne, hair loss (there is a predisposition for male pattern baldness and hair growth on the body). However, most athletes will not have problems with these effects, as the androgenic effects of this drug is very low. Important Note: reductase inhibitors of 5-alpha is often used to hit androgenic side effects obtained in consequence of the reception of anabolic agents. But taking medication Anavar, you will not feel the effect of androgen – since Oxandrolone hormone does not include the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme is responsible for the reduction of testosterone to DHT, but Oxandrolone already contains dihydrotestosterone. With less likely androgenic side effects may contribute to the manifestation of various characteristics in women. Side effects include – body hair growth, the deterioration of the vocal cords, clitoral increase. But the rating displays androgenic side effects in zhenschin very low. Hormone Oxandrolone is the safest anabolic steroid for female use. If, nevertheless, signs of androgenic side effects began – it is recommended to immediately stop the use, in this case, the side effects disappear. If these symptoms are ignored, they can become permanent.

[3] Cardiovascular activity 

Among the possible side effects of Anavar most basic – a raised cholesterol. Oxandrolone hormone is known that inhibits HDL cholesterol as well as LDL cholesterol increases. Standard doses may inhibit male HDL cholesterol as much as 30%, and with increasing doses to 50%. The basic dose can also increase LDL by 50%. If you suffer from any diseases associated with cholesterol, you should not take this drug. If you’re completely healthy, then you need to be on the right diet, as well as to combine the reception of fatty acids Omega medication and drugs for cardiovascular activity. All those who take Anavar should restrict themselves from the large consumption of fats and sugars, as well as consider the option of receiving a cholesterol Anavar antioxidants and closely monitor the cholesterol level.

[4] Testosterone: 

The use of anabolic steroids suppress the body’s natural testosterone production. However, the rate of suppression varies from the first reception time to the next. Anavar considered one of the more moderate inhibiting steroid under the natural testosterone suppression. Men tend to take Anavar supplemented with artificial testosterone. The doses are applied correctly, inhibit release of testosterone by 50% – this can lead to a deterioration of the athlete’s health. As a rule, many athletes are recommended to take Anavar with artificial testosterone and consider it correct. Once we take steroid ceases and cleans the body of the hormones contained in the steroids starts again the process of natural selection testosterone. Discontinuation of steroids, does not pose any danger. Usually recovery is not immediate, it may take some time. Most men after taking steroids under treatment (purification) of the organism from hormones, for natural testosterone. The correct approach to this method provide efficient recovery of the body.


 [5] Hepatotoxicity

Anabolic steroid Anavar or any other steroid series C17-AA has a negative effect on the liver. As the use of enzymes will increase, but any steroid C17-aa series will contribute to the destruction of the liver. The data showed that their increase is not much, but you must know that this is not conducive to the damage, but rather stress that can lead to liver damage. Therefore, before use, you must read the instructions and follow some rules:

You should not take Anavar or any other anabolic steroids Series C17-aa, if you have any liver problems.

You should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, when taking anabolic steroids Series C17-AA, as it will damage the liver. Most athletes completely avoid the use of alcohol, so as not to cause the side effects.

During the reception of steroids is not recommended to take party drugs. Many drugs taken in conjunction with anabolic steroids are severe hepatotoxicity.

You should limit the intake of Oxandrolone, after 8 weeks of use and do not take any medications series C17 aa up until the liver enzymes are not normalized.

When receiving Oxandrolone or any other series of steroid C17-aa, necessary to take any detoxicants, for suppressing the toxicity in the liver.

Anavar and dosage:

Anavar usual dose for therapeutic treatment is 5-10mg per day, the maximum dose – 20 mg per day. Recommended use 2-4 weeks. Subsequent use – if necessary.

For men, the dose is – 20-30mg a day – it will improve athletic performance. Most athletes recommended dose of 40-50mg per day – this will increase the effectiveness of the drug. To maximize efficiency, a dose of 80 mg per day, but it will increase the risk of side effects. The recommended course of reception of Anavar – 6-8 weeks.

For women, regardless of the purpose of use, the recommended dose is – 5-10mg per day. Very few women need a dose of more than 10 mg per day. If you need a tangible effect, the dose may be increased to 15mg per day. However, each increase in dosage increases the risk of side effects. The recommended course of reception Anavar for women is – 6-8 weeks.

Anavar is available on the market:

Anavar is not so easy to buy. Such goods on the black market can cost more than other anabolic steroids. Thus 5-10mg Oxandrolone can cost more than Dianabol.

Another problem – it is the availability of quality Anavar market. The quality of the drug that you take depends on your health and your results. Pharmacom – laboratory, which has worked well in the world market of anabolic steroids. You can buy Oxandrolone in our online store without intermediaries at favorable price. Quality and results are guaranteed.

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