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Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone details


Trenbolone – a very powerful steroid. First used in veterinary medicine to increase appetite and, consequently, the growth of muscle mass in cattle. Subsequently, this drug has caused great interest among athletes, as not only increases muscle mass, but also stores the result, eliminates fat, raises power rates.

The steroid trenbolone profile

Chemical name: 17b-gidroksiestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one

Anabolic Activity: 500% of testosterone

Androgenic activity: 500% of testosterone

Exposure aromatization: no

Progestogens: yes

Hepatotoxicity: no

A method of receiving: Injection

Detection period: 5 months


The specificity of the drug trenbolone

Trenbolone drug comes in the form of suspension for intramuscular injection in three derivatives, and, depending on the goals pursued by the athletes can be selected from esters:

  • Trenbolone acetate (Tren A)

  • Trenbolone enanthate (Tren E)
  • Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

Their difference lies in the half-life of the active substance. The least he’s an acetate derivative, which explains its popularity: the application rate can be interrupted immediately after the occurrence of side effects, and they are likely to cease. Reviews of trenbolone enanthate allow it considered worthy preparation for the formation of muscle mass and strength training performance.

Read Trenbolone enanthate one of the strongest of its kind can not only reviews, but also peer review experts. The product allows you to achieve results faster at lower dosages.

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate has similar ratings, but acts a little longer – up to 10 days. Side effects are the same as that of the other forms.

Trenabolon mix is ​​a combination of all three esters. It has a fast effect and keeps it for a long time. The preparation stimulates the synthesis of proteins in the body and increases the appetite.

Dosage trenbolone

Safe, if I may say so, trenbolone dosage of 50 mg is considered to be a day or 100 mg every two days. Such appointment shall not exceed a month. Trenbolone tablets must be taken every day, but a single dose would be much larger and will be 200-300 mg.

Such a course of trenbolone applies only to men. Women do recommend to give it up, because the likelihood of developing virilization remains high.

Course trenbolone “drying” of muscles involves the use of Winstrol.Combined technique does not require the introduction of anti-estrogens.

If the emphasis is on mass, trenbolone used solo, there is no need to supplement the course. Since trenbolone does not aromatize, it is used in predsorevnovatelnyh cycles with stanozolol.

Choose the optimal course of trenbolone acetate in the form of esters enanthate or mix can be on their own, relying on the statement. But it is better to entrust to specialists.

Contraindications and side effects

Trenbolone has multiple side effects. It is contraindicated in men suffering from breast cancer, as well as those with marked hypersensitivity to any of the components that make up the drug. In addition, the risk group includes children and adolescents.

The drug causes a sharp androgenic symptoms. Action trenbolone can inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone, which leads to dysfunction of the genitourinary system.

Quite a long time, trenbolone acetate, the price is quite high, considered a drug in the arsenal of the most refined bodybuilders. it is available to everyone now, but you should not be starting their course with trenbolone unless previously had no experience with the use of other steroids less marked anabolic properties.

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Reviews of trenbolone

Trenbolone with relatively old time the use by athletes to improve performance, which sopprovozhdaetsya experience a lot of positive reviews about the drug. ossobenno drug popular among athletes who want to gain quality muscle mass. Trenbolone not only helps to make a breakthrough in the course of training, but also allows you to progress effectively in the power and performance eseticheskih for this course.

Many athletes leave reviews about the reception trebolona in specialized forums, where bodybuilders can ask for advice about the benefits or harms of a drug. One such forum is ruanabol.chat. Here, among other things, you can ask for advice on the composition of the course, the type of drugs, to clarify vzmozhno side effects, thereby reducing the risk of their occurrence to a minimum.

Where to buy trenbolone?

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