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Stanozolol – a unique anabolic steroid, the effect of which is significantly different from all the major anabolic drugs.Stanozolol, as well as many well-known anabolic steroids, was developed back in 1962. The drug is available in tablet or injectable form

Stanozolol tablets has high bioavailability without being destroyed by the liver, giving it a moderate toxic effects. The injectable form (aqueous suspension) is not toxic to the liver.

Currently, stanozolol is one of the safest anabolic steroids, it is widely used among women without the risk of virilization, since it has a very low androgenic activity.

Stanozolol is an antagonist of progesterone. This makes it an indispensable component cycles when the task to suppress the activity of other progestogenic agents (same or nandrolone oxymetholone).


Unlike virtually all other injectable steroid preparations, oily esters are solutions, injectable stanozolol – aqueous suspension.

Between oral and injectable stanozolol there is absolutely no difference – it is one and the same drug. So if you are a happy owner is injectable version of the steroid, but can not withstand frequent and quite painful injections, you can safely drink the contents of the vials are simply. While intramuscular administration of stanozolol efficiency (more precisely – by half) above, because the steroid goes directly into the bloodstream, and can thus avoid the partial destruction of the liver. If you are a supporter of injecting drugs, then you should remember that before the dial drug in the syringe, ampoule need a good shake.

Stanozolol alkylated 17-alpha, so it is moderately toxic to the liver. This fact does not exhaust all the negative traits of the drug for men – although stanozolol and not aromatize, he has let the minimum, but still a negative effect on the prostate, can contribute to hair loss and the appearance of acne (acne).

This is due to the fact that stanozolol has the ability to stabilize the androgen receptor, though much less pronounced compared to trenbolone, nandrolone or testosterone .

Stanozolol preserves muscle mass during dieting hard. Classical precompetitive formula – “+ stanozolol trenbolone.” This combination makes it possible not only to preserve the achievements, but even continue building muscle mass in low-calorie diet.

Also trenbolone, stanozolol can be combined with testosterone, nandrolone, methenolone and Oxandrolone. The last two combinations are considered safe, although not sufficiently effective.

It is believed that stanozolol has significant gain in strength, although the same testosterone, trenbolone, oxymetholone and methandrostenolone do it much better. decay period of oral stanozolol is 7-10 hours, so it should be taken at least twice a day.

 In the injectable form of the classic steroid half-life is not, it is recommended to inject on a daily basis. Usual dose – 50-100 mg per day.


Stanozolol: steroid profile

1 / conversion to estrogens: none

2 / anabolic index: 320%, androgen index: 30%

3 / duration: 8:00

4 / detection time: 340-360 days.


Stanozolol Effects:

– Giving relief to muscles, fat burning and increased venous prorisovannosti, so it is actively used in cycles of “drying”;

– Negligible effect on muscle growth;

– Significant increase in endurance and strength;

– Increase in appetite;

– Elimination of water;

– Decreases SHBG to 50%, effectively increases the impact of the reception of other speakers.


stanozolol course

 Course stanozolol solo shows athletes who have sufficient weight to improve the relief of muscle and increase athletic performance. If you want to increase muscle mass, stanozolol is not the preferred course solo. The drug is well combined with almost any anabolic steroid. For intensive recruitment of muscle mass it is advisable to connect in the course of such androgens like testosterone or methandrostenolone, however, this combination will require the inclusion of anti-estrogens (tamoxifen / Proviron).


The best are the following combinations:

– Nandrolone  (best compatibility);

– Testosterone ;

– Masteron  (drying);

– Trenbolone  (cool, dry weight);

 Stanozolol is excellently combined with nandrolone (one of the best combinations), as it effectively prevents the appearance of prolactin activity, creating a good anabolic effect. Stanozolol SHBG reduces, so can greatly increase the effectiveness of the course, in the case of simultaneous use of any of testosterone esters.


Stanozolol: dosage. How to take stanozolol

The optimal dosage of the drug is 30-50 mg / day, divided into equal parts. Course length can be up to 8 weeks if you use the drug and tableted to 10-11 weeks using the injection form. 


Side effects

1. Stanozolol There are no side effects associated with anabolic steroid flavoring. No manifestations of gynecomastia, edema.

2. Pain in the joints. It associated with fluid excretion, and to minimize the risk it is combined with nandrolone or testosterone, as well as additives for use ligaments. 

3. Raising the blood pressure. It is recommended to eliminate the intake of enalapril, and others. 

4. The increase in cholesterol levels. Disposable intake of omega-3 and others. On the AU course.

5. The androgenic side effects: acne, hair loss, suppression of the production of testosterone and other cases are rare and are associated with ultra-high duration of the course and exaggerated dosages..

6. myocardial hypertrophy. Available at elevated doses.

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