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Oxymetholone is one of the strongest anabolic steroids for a set of muscle mass. It has a mild androgenic properties, rapid, but short-lived effect. Well it is known under the trade names Anadrol, Anadrol, Androlik and others.

Currently, steroid oxymetholone is available in two forms of release: first – tablet formulations (tablets, capsules less often), the second – the latest injectables (see PharmaOxy 50 production PharmaCom Labs.). The forms have little or no inherent difference, the main difference between them – how to use (or orally or by injection). For courses are interchangeable.

Oxymetholone: ​​the detailed description of

The properties of the steroid are well studied because it is in the market for a long time. First tableted product went on sale at the beginning of the 60s of the 20th century (it was developed by Syntex Pharmaceuticals). Initially it produced only for medicinal uses (used in the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia, as well as to stimulate appetite and muscle growth in debilitated patients), but today is better known as a sports doping recommended by experienced athletes.

oxymetholone effects: a marked increase in muscle mass (in practice, the reception can be judged on the results of up to 10-15 kg () muscle of course!), increase athletic performance and endurance, improved joint function, increase mobility, including thanks to mitigate joint pain, improving the efficiency of anabolic hormones, so “hydroxy” (slang term) some great shows on combined courses.

Compared with testosterone steroid oxymetholone it has several times higher anabolic activity (320%), while its androgenic activity decreased (45%).Validity is about 15 hours (half-life – 9.8 hours) than is caused by the need for daily use: the duration of action is identical for tablets and injectable versions, so the difference in reception frequency is observed (the course tablets or injections are generally used once day, but the daily dose of tablets can be divided into several stages).

The side effects of oxymetholone: ​​androgenization / virilization – greasy skin, pimples, acne, alopecia, hirsutism face / body, violation of sexual activity, and others; estrogen or progestin side effects – reduction of production and the level of natural testosterone, testicular atrophy, fluid retention, high blood pressure, gynecomastia (probably the so-called false gynecomastia – lipomastiya), increased fat on the female type. Steroid hepatotoxic (having toxic effects on the liver), and therefore generally uses a relatively short-course, – the duration of use, typically 6-8 weeks limit.

In sports for oxymetholone (oxymetholone -. English) it is recommended primarily for men. Women are not prohibited, but is advised in reduced dosage, otherwise it is practically impossible to avoid the virilizing effects (risk androgenization low at doses up to 50 mg per day). By virilizatsionnym carry side effects such as body hair distribution / face, deepening of the voice, changes in body shape of male type.

It is important to add that the steroid Oxymetholone is contraindicated in persons under 18 years of age and women during pregnancy or breastfeeding. To exclude possible contraindications should consult your healthcare professional. Detailed recommendations for the use of sports pharmacology, please visit our Forum.

How to take oxymetholone?

For sports steroid use is recommended mainly experienced athletes who have a long experience in the use of sports pharmacology. It is a potent anabolic and androgen. For beginners preferred softer, but effective in the early stages steroidal agents as Turinabol or testosterone propionate.

The course of oxymetholone is usually carried out to set the maximum increase in muscle mass and strength parameters. Pills and injections can be used solo, but more often it is a combination course. The preferred are combination preparations of methenolone to boldenone (methenolone, testosterone, Turinabol, stanozolol, boldenone and many others). It is not recommended – primarily a ligament Pharma as “oxy” progestin would increase the activity and / or having hepatotoxicity.

Working oxymetholone dosage is selected individually depending on the purchased drug (oral or injection), but the cup is 50-100 mg per day. Course duration – no more than 6-8 weeks total. Upon completion of the mandatory application of a PCT (post-cycle therapy), including the administration of drugs to restore testosterone and consolidate the results.

In medical applications the use of oxymetholone are now virtually non-existent. However, there is evidence to indicate that it is still prescribed for the treatment of HIV-infected patients (to compensate for protein metabolism, increase muscle mass, increase strength and appetite).

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How to take oxymetholone, prompt experienced consultants at the Forum. Experts from the master of sports of weightlifting to bodybuilding trainer share tips, useful not only for beginners athletes.

Reviews of oxymetholone

For decades, “oxy” was and remains one of the best steroids to achieve fast and express a set of muscle mass. It is therefore not surprising that the buyers of it are expressed predominantly positive, laudatory describing progress on the basis of the results of the course.

Reviews of athletes oxymetholone, of course, point out that it is not the safest anabolic steroid. But in the opinion of experienced athletes the risks are worth it. Especially when we know that the subject of recommendations to minimize the side effects easily, without interfering with critical health violations.

Reviews oxymetholone is described as a powerful steroid, in potency superior to almost any analogues. It is especially effective in combined courses, but it is important to remember that not all steroids are safe to combine with it. Read reviews of experienced athletes and get individual advice you can on AthleticPharma Forum. If you have questions, do not pass by. Especially that registration will not take you even 5 minutes. And if you use social networking sites, then you can connect to a discussion of just instantly.

Where to buy oxymetholone?

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