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Novadex tablet is available in Sydney Australia April 13, 2017


The active substance group:

Tamoxifen (Tamoxifen), anti-tumor agent, an antiestrogen


Dosage Form:

tablets, coated tablets



Hypersensitivity, pregnancy , lactation. Eye diseases (including cataracts ), hyperlipidemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hypercalcemia, expressed thrombosis , thromboembolic disease (including history).


Dosage and administration:

Usually set individually depending on the evidence.
Inside, breast cancer, kidney – 20-40 mg 1-2 times a day (morning and evening), endometrial – 20-30 mg 1-2 times a day. On the course – 2.4-9.6, the treatment is carried out for a long time (until evidence of disease progression), as effect lasts only against the background of continuous use; if necessary, used in combination with radiation and cytostatic treatment.
Tablets should be taken with liquid, squeezed small amounts of liquid in one go in the morning or separating the required dose into 2 doses, morning and evening.


Pharmachologic effect:

The anti-tumor anti-estrogen agent. Competitively inhibits estrogen receptors in target organs and tumors derived from these organs. The result is a complex (drug-receptor-cofactor transport), novadex, after translocation into the nucleus of cells prevents hypertrophy, estrogen dependent regulation. Antigonadotropnym possesses properties Pg suppresses synthesis in tumor tissue. Inhibits the progression of tumor stimulated by estrogen.
The ability to block estrogen can persist for several weeks after a single dose.
Furthermore, tamoxifen can induce ovulation in women in its absence, stimulating the release of GnRH from the hypothalamus, stimulating release of pituitary gonadotropic hormones. In men with oligospermia it increases the concentration of LH and FSH, testosterone and estrogen in the blood serum. Tamoxifen and some of its metabolites (N-dezmetiltamoksifen, 4-hydroxytamoxifen) are potent inhibitors of the mixed function oxidases of the cytochrome P450 of the liver, but the clinical relevance of these effects is not defined.


Side effects:

Ossalgia, pain in the lesions, fever; loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, in rare cases – fatty liver, cholestasis, hepatitis; flushing of the skin with a sensation of heat; leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, thrombosis, thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis ; skin rash, skin dryness, increase in the size of soft tissue structures, sometimes accompanied by severe erythema affected areas and adjacent areas (usually resolves within 2 weeks); hypercalcemia, peripheral edema (fluid retention associated with), alopecia, increased body weight; depression, headache , dizziness , myasthenia gravis , fatigue, drowsiness, confusion; loss of visual acuity, corneal opacities, cataracts , retinopathy , optic neuritis .
Women – endometrial hyperplasia, a reversible development of cystic tumors, vaginal discharge, metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, genital itching, amenorrhoea .
The men – reduced potency and / or libido.Peredozirovka. Symptoms: increased side effects.
Treatment: symptomatic. No specific antidote.


Special instructions:

Before beginning treatment, women should undergo a thorough gynecological (with the exception of pregnancy) and physical examination.
Tamoxifen induces ovulation, which increases the risk of pregnancy, so women of childbearing age must use reliable methods of contraception (non-hormonal) during treatment and for 3 months after treatment.
During therapy is necessary to periodically monitor blood coagulation parameters, concentration Ca2 + in the blood, blood count (leucocytes, platelets), liver function tests, blood pressure, to inspect the oculist – every 3 months, gynecological examination (at occurrence of bleeding from the vagina or vaginal bleeding the drug should be discontinued).
In patients with bone metastases from time to time during the initial period of treatment should determine the concentration of Ca2 + in the blood serum (in the case of severe hypercalcemia receiving tamoxifen should be suspended). Is ineffective in the treatment of patients with metastatic disease (especially in liver).
If signs of thrombosis of the lower extremities (leg pain or swelling), thromboembolism, pulmonary artery branches (shortness of breath), the drug should be discontinued.
Patients with hyperlipidemia in the course of treatment is necessary to control the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood serum.
During the period of treatment must be careful when driving and other lesson. Potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.



Anti effect indirect action (requires careful monitoring for correcting dose anticoagulation).
Cytotoxic agents increase the risk of thrombosis.
Allopurinol promotes hepatotoxic effects.
The combined use of tamoxifen and tegafur can cause chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis .
The simultaneous use of tamoxifen with others. Hormonal drugs (especially estrogensoderjath contraceptives) leads to a weakening of the specific actions of both drugs.
Drugs that reduce the excretion of Ca2 + (such as thiazide diuretics series), may increase the risk of hypercalcemia.
Antacids, H2-blockers of histamine receptors and dr.LS, reduces the acidity of gastric juice, can cause premature dissolution and loss of the protective effect of enteric tablets. The interval between doses of tamoxifen and these drugs should be 1-2 hours.
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Buy Oral Dianabol tablet to bulk body from bunbury Australia

Dianabol -1

What is Danabol

The active substance, on the basis of which created such tablets was developed in 1956 jointly by J. Ziegler and the US, now defunct, company «Ciba-Geigy». Over the next 10 years with a drug methandienone gained wide popularity among athletes, security forces, as well as the representatives of those sports where needed to increase endurance.

In bodybuilding Danabol 50 popular due to the action, it has on muscle mass. Proper use of the drug can increase weight and strength gains in the host. Virtually useless for relief, steroid proved to be excellent for a set of muscle mass. In addition, it increases the appetite, which can not affect the athlete’s body weight.

Effect Danabol 50 mg / tab is: entering the body of the athlete, methandienone instantly absorbed in the digestive tract, in blood is associated with globular protein (globulin) and finally biotransformed in the liver. Inactive metabolites active substance kidneys excreted. The drug is perfectly retains phosphorus, sodium, nitrogen, potassium, and a positive effect on the process of formation, maturation and development of blood cells.

for use Danabol Tablets Instructions 50 – that can be found on the forum of our online store. dianabol for sale


Danabol : how to make

These pills is recommended to consume after the meal in two ways: in the morning and evening. Start taking experienced athletes with a minimum recommended dose, gradually increasing the daily intake of tablets. So, for beginners is not recommended on the day of taking more than 30-40 mg, ie at least one tablet.

Dosage substance experienced athletes should be about 50-60 mg, and should be based on the physical shape and experience of the athlete. Even the athlete with the experience necessary to be extremely careful with the definition of an individual dosage, and the rate must be made by a professional.

How to take Danabol 50 you can find on our forum, which is moderated by professional athletes and communicate with people with different levels of fitness and experience of steroids. Expert opinions are always valuable and will help you make a decision to purchase a particular product.

Receiving Danabol 50 over a specified dose will not improve the result, but only harm the athlete’s health. The most important thing to remember – there is no direct relationship between the number of tablets taken and the results obtained from the reception.

Full course Danabol 50, depending on the individual characteristics of the receiving body is about 6-8 weeks. With more prolonged use of a high probability of occurrence of side effects. It is worth noting that in the long-term course is not necessary, ie effect of the drug gradually decreases.

Before you use a steroid, the athlete must also make an individual schedule of food intake and exercise routine, it is only in the close relationship of all these elements is the use of AAS can give tangible results. By the way, in the course of preparation you can dial up to 10 kilograms of muscle mass.

Danabol : combination and side effects

The remarkable properties of this steroid allow it to combine with many other anabolics. It is worth remembering that the combined course of taking this drug, and any other, must be developed by an experienced athlete, inexperience in this case can cause serious health damage.


The Forum of our website dedicated to different sports pharmacology, will help you to choose the optimal combination and dosage of a steroid for co-administration. So popular among athletes combination methandienone and stanozolol injection. This “cage” will provide an opportunity to consolidate the results and reduce the gain weight loss. It is also sometimes recommended to combine the drug with oral stanozolol.

Popular and combination with steroids, active substances which are intended to stabilize the androgen receptor. Among them oxandrolone, nandrolone decanoate, trenbolone enentat, and a mixture of testosterone esters. Instructions for Danabol 50mg does not contain information on the combined use of the drug, so before you put it on a course, consult with experts at the forum of our website.

Side effects of the drug – not a frequent occurrence. However unpleasant consequences may occur during chronic administration or increasing the allowable dose of steroid. Description Danabol tablets 50 will not be complete without mention of drug toxicity to the liver, as well as the possibility of increased blood pressure and increased heart rate. Manifestation of gynecomastia really avoid combining reception methandienone with Tamoxifen or Clomid.

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How to buy Trenbolone from Australia April 12, 2017


Trenbolone – anabolic and androgenic steroid, also known under the brand names of friction Finapleks, Finajet and Parabolan. Initially used in veterinary medicine for increasing appetite and increasing muscle of cattle. trenbolone australia


Trenbolone Acetate (Trenbolone Acetate). The most popular form of the drug, which has the smallest period. Ether is stored in the fat depot, the active ingredient gradually cleaved in the blood. Short period dilapidated predetermines high injection frequency, which can be uncomfortable for beginners. The average dosage of acetate ranges of 50-100 milligrams a day.

Trenbolone tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonat (Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) . It is a rare form of steroid, long absent from the market. Despite the fact that today is produced enough fakes, you can still purchase the original Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. For example, production Balkan Pharmaceuticals(Moldova). Tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonata injections are carried out once a week. Recommended Dosage – 300 mg.

Trenbolone enanthate (Trenbolone Enanthate). According to its pharmacological characteristics of form similar to tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonatom. Validity period – up to 10 days , the number of weekly injections – 1-2, dosage – 300 milligrams.

Steroid Profile Trenbolone

The ability to bind trenbolone great, and 5 times higher than in testosterone. The steroid is one of the most effective in terms of a set of muscle mass and increased power performance. Thus it is noted a high incidence of adverse reactions, especially in cases of improperly selected rate exceeding dosages and duration. Trenbolone has gained popularity largely due to the fact, has no estrogenic activity, and is not subject to conversion under the influence of aromatase. Thus, athletes excessive fluid accumulation and gynecomastia occurs.

Suppression of natural testosterone production is due to the presence of progesterone activity and a feedback mechanism. Often, users are faced with testicular atrophy, flaccid erection and decreased libido. Given that trenbolone – 19-nor testosterone derivatives, in terms of progestin activity he has much in common with nandrolone . The steroid can bind to progesterone receptors, which leads to the occurrence of gynecomastia and a significant loss of libido. Time detection and trenbolone acetate enanthate on doping control – up to 5 months.

Action trenbolone

  • A significant increase in muscle mass. Solo Course trenbolone drug lets you dial up to 10 kilograms.
  • The reduction of body fat. The effect is enhanced by the stimulation of growth hormone .
  • Increase sexual desire and libido on the course. After drug withdrawal level of testosterone secretion decreases considerably.
  • Twofold increase in insulin-like growth factor .
  • Reducing cortisol .
  • The increase in power performance.


Course solo trenbolone

Course trenbolone solo is powerful enough, and is not suitable for beginners and women. As you increase the dosage administered, the risk of side effects. There are some general guidelines to help create a safe training with minimal risk. Firstly, the dosage should not be exceeded in order to obtain more rapid and pronounced effect. Boundary dosing for trenbolone acetate – 50 milligrams daily for enanthate – 300 mg weekly. Secondly, it is necessary to start with minimal doses, gradually increasing them to the optimum, it gives the opportunity to experience the reaction of the organism, and in time to stop the drug in case of side effects.

When receiving the steroid for more than 5 weeks, it is recommended to use gonadotropin (from the second week of the course, the dosage of 500-1000 IU weekly, prior to the beginning of the third week after discontinuation of the drug). FCT after trenbolone begins when the body is completely eliminated the drug – about 2 weeks after completing the course enanthate or 2-3 days if used acetate . PBC is an excellent means of Clomid (it can be replaced toremifene ). As for Tamoxifen , it is undesirable because the progestin increases the effects of Trenbolone. Restoring endogenous testosterone produced reception boosters for 3-4 weeks. Correctly chosen sports nutrition for optimal performance of the course.

Combined courses with trenbolone

A set of muscle mass does not require the use of combined drugs, because the steroid itself copes with this task. Drying is carried out with a combination of trenbolone Anavar or Winstrol . In the combined reception commonly used half the dosage of each steroid. The course lasts for no longer than 8 weeks. In taking anti-estrogens is not necessary.

How to take trenbolone professionals

As for how to make trenbolone acetate enanthate and professional athletes, for the muscle recruitment best include testosterone enanthate and nandrolone . Duration of the course, in some cases up to 15 weeks. However, the probability of occurrence of adverse events is very high.

Trenbolone Ace

Side effects

There are the following negative manifestations of Trenbolone: elevation of blood pressure, excessive aggression, excessive oiliness of the skin, acne , alopecia. Suppression of natural testosterone can cause decreased libido and even testicular atrophy. Prevention is achieved by introducing cabergoline and gonadotropins . The steroid is not toxic to the kidneys, however, the urine may be colored in red derivable metabolites. With regard to the effects on the liver, it is moderate. Side effects of trenbolone acetate enanthate or more likely when you turn in the course of ephedrine or clenbuterol.

Reviews of trenbolone

Most users prefer acetate. Enanthate less popular, not to mention the tsiklogeksilmetilkarbonate. Reviews of trenbolone indicate the severity of effects, a strong gain in muscle mass and power performance. With minimal doses side effects are extremely rare. Most athletes confuses price steroid.

Reviews of trenbolone from professional athletes talk about high efficiency acetate in combination with testosterone enanthate and nandrolone. This rate allows a large increase muscular volume, but is often accompanied by various side manifestations.

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Buy Turanabol from Australia

Turinabol – anabolic and androgenic steroid, the chemical name – hlorodegidrometiltestosteron . By its nature, it is close enough to methandrostenolone. Turinabol release form – tablets. The main difference from the classic “methane” is the presence of additional chlorine atom at the fourth carbon atom. For the first time the drug has been developed Josephamr – German pharmaceutical company, in 1961. Also found under the names steroid Turinover , Turanabol, Turamoth and some others.

It was developed as a means of lines of anabolic and androgenic drugs buy turanabol online in East Germany since the 60s of the last century. At that time, the Germans had created a whole group of highly steroids and yelled Turinabol was one of them. We produce it in order to obtain a mixed version of oxandrolone and methandrostenolone, which would have enough anabolic effect and a low probability of occurrence of adverse reactions.


buy turinabol

The steroid profile

  • Anabolic effect – 180% of the testosterone.
  • Androgenic effects – 50% of the testosterone.
  • Conversion rate in estrogen – low.
  • Effects on the axis of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes – moderately low.
  • The level of exposure to the liver – is highly toxic.
  • The release form – tablets.
  • Duration of action – up to 16 hours.
  • The period detection doping control – up to 250 days after the last dose.

Steroid profile suggests Turinabol means as a sufficiently effective for increasing lean mass, with a low probability of side effects. Unlike testosterone, which is rarely used alone, solo “Turikov” course is quite popular – especially among the newcomers. This is one of the safest anabolic and androgenic steroids. Oral Turinabol women even used in small doses. With respect to athletes competing, the fact of reception of the AAS may be set up to 250 days after discontinuation rate (on a fat-soluble long-lived metabolites). There are special masking agents, but they do not give 100% guarantees. Every professional athlete taking steroids at your own risk.

buy turinabol

Effects of receiving Turinabol

  • The increase in lean body mass. As for how much you can gain, the figure of 4-6 kg of muscle quality 4-6 week solo course, if you drink Turinabol in high doses, appears to be quite realistic.
  • The increase in power performance.
  • Increased Stamina.
  • Lack of estrogenic responses.
  • Reducing the concentration of SHBG – globulin, sex hormone binding.
  • Increase free testosterone levels in the blood.
  • Protect the cardiovascular system (reduced risk of blood clots in the heart and blood vessels).

As mentioned above, the preparation can be characterized as methandrostenolone no fluid retention in the body. The effect of receiving Turinabol has a delayed effect. During the course of the main indicators of progress rather slowly, but they are high quality. Moreover, reducing the concentration of binding globulin sex hormones, greatly increases the effectiveness of other AAS on course. Professionals in courses on the weight of usually used in combination Turinabol other steroids c.

How to take Turinabol

The optimal dose of the steroid was determined in the GDR during the preparation of athletes for the Olympic Games. Studies have shown sufficient effect with minimal risk of side effects at 20-40 milligrams per day . As for how to make Turinabol pills, the daily dosage is divided into three equivalent doses. Why is this done? Firstly, you balance hormones, avoiding peaks and lows, and secondly, significantly reduces the load on the liver. Recommended rules are not always respected, and often bodybuilders to increase the volume up to 100-150 mg per day.

Course solo Turinabol

I must say at once that it is impossible to determine the optimal dosage, without data on the physiological indicators of an athlete, his experience in the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids, the ultimate goals and other factors. The first course Turinabol is recommended to begin after the date of analysis and consultation with a specialist. The optimum dosage Turinabol for inexperienced athletes do not exceed 40 mg . As for skiers, boxers, athletes and all those who are focused primarily on endurance, then it is enough to drink, and 10-20 milligrams. Duration of the order of 6 weeks – this is quite sufficient for obtaining qualitative results (increase of speed-power performance and increase muscle mass) without the occurrence of side effects. Reviews of freshman Turinabol solo speak of it as a security tool to achieve substantial progress results.


Combined courses

For muscle mass set Turinabol is often combined with testosterone enanthate. The “Turik” take 20 milligrams daily, and “test” – 250 milligrams per week. The duration of a mixed course of 6 weeks, with the first stop enanthate injection, and a week later – Turinabol reception. In 2012 we invented new methods of detection of steroid. So-called method of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry allows to “catch” the drug for 250 days after discontinuation rate.

PKT after the course

FCT held after the course Turinabol estrogen receptor blocker. For example, tamoxifen . Thus itself steroids usually is not accompanied by the use of gonadotrophin or antiestrogens. With minor dosage and duration of the course up to 6 weeks post-cycle therapy often can be neglected.

Side effects

Since Turinabol is 17-alpha-steroid alkillirovannym (which prevents the destruction of the active ingredient during passage through the liver), it is toxic. The extent of the damage can be compared with methandrostenolone. In principle, the liver is the main and almost the only real negative reaction. Side effects of Turinabol – a rarity, and to “kill” your body according to a steroid, it is necessary to try very much. The most common problem in athletes, completely ignoring the regulations, which gives instructions for use, as well as a doctor’s advice. If you exceed the duration of the course and the dosage may be a significant inhibition of secretion of testosterone, the development of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. However, for 5 years, the practice of using steroids, controlled studies, only one case of significant side effects were detected.

Manufacturers Turinabol

The steroid is very popular, and is produced by almost all pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps the most popular brands in the domestic market are Balkan Pharmaceuticals and Vermodje (Moldova) . As for the “strong” European representative, the market can be found yelling Turinabol from Yenafarm (Germany). Its price will be higher. You can also select products Lyka Labs , Pharmacom , the British Dispensary and the British Dragon . Discussion of the drugs from the majority of manufacturers can be found on our forum.


buy steroids


Reviews of Turinabol

As for what a company has better reviews about Turinabol, among the domestic market by a considerable margin in the lead Balkan is Pharmaceuticals . Moldovan manufacturer offers a quality steroid at the lowest prices. Given the low cost of the steroid, athletes often perform training using the AAS.

Description and reviews of Turinabol solo course talking about the absence of side effects at a slow, but qualitative growth of power-speed performance and muscle mass. Women are also often used by steroid, and virtually none of the fair sex does not complain about the occurrence of adverse reactions. Professional athletes celebrate the feasibility of using Turinabol in combination with testosterone enanthate on massonabornyh courses. In conclusion, I would say that the action of any pharmaceutical is unique to each organism, and without practical application is impossible to accurately determine the response.

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