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Test 400 (Testosterone Enanthate 200mg/ml, Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml)


Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Category: Injectable steroids
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate 200mg/ml, Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml
Package: 1 vial (10ml (400mg/ml))

Product Description


The most popular and well-known ether propionate  testosterone   . The half-life of the drug – 24 hours. Often Propiko used in drying, but can be used on any mass-typesetting course. The only disadvantage of the need to take frequent injections – every other day. Side effects, due to the rapid half-life, are very rare.

Generally available in a dosage of 100 ml. active substance 1 -rastvoritelya oil. But there are also exotic forms – from 50mg. of active ingredient per 1 ml. – Testosterone propіonat Farmak , which we produce in USA.


Testosterone enanthate – ester form of natural testosterone. The most common form of testosterone in USA and Europe. The half-life of testosterone enanthate , is 7 days, 14 days of action period. Start begins dosage enanthate 250 mg per week. Standard dosage dough enanthate, for athletes who have tried the delights of sports pharmacology – 500 mg. in Week. Typically, injections are performed with the frequency once per 7 days. The optimum injection mode, I think one injection every three days, 250 mg., In that case, if you plan to use a dose of 500 mg. in Week.


The longest testosterone ester represented in our market. The greatest popularity gained in the US, as cypionate, and mainly produced in the country. The popularity of the drug among American athletes, not only due to the availability of testosterone cypionate , but also the fact that the drug is considered by many athletes, has a more pronounced anabolic effect than enanthate.

The half-life in cypionate 7-8 days. The period of complete elimination of 15-16 days.

Essentially enanthate and cypionate drugs are interchangeable and are used in the same dosages. And what broadcast you choose depends on the presence of a drug in our online store.


As stated above, that the testosterone – steroid versatile and can be used to achieve a variety of purposes in almost all sports disciplines.

Testosterone can be used as a single drug on the course. Combination, the same testosterone, so diverse and policy options on the basis of testosterone, there are countless. It makes no sense to combine testosterones only with drugs like Sustanon . Since Sustanon is essentially a mixture of long and short 4 testosterone esters.

Most often combined with testosterone nandrolone , methandienone for a set of muscle mass. With stanazolol to set a dry weight. With trenbolone , boldenone  for a set of super dry meat.

To list all the options and combinations dosage does not make sense. If you decide to build your course of steroid testosterone-based, you can always turn to our consultant, quickly and free of charge to help you choose the products for the course, as well as to paint the necessary dosage.

The optimal length of the course, on the basis of testosterone, is 6-7 weeks. If the course is “delayed” for a longer time, you may need to use gonadotropin for resuscitation arc hypothalamic-pituitary-testes.

The optimal dosage for propionate is 50-100 mg. every other day, for enanthate and cypionate 250-500 mg. in Week.


All testosterones have one major drawback. This deficiency is called aromatization. Aromatization – the conversion of testosterone into estrogen (female hormones). Aromatization may significantly shift toward the hormonal levels of estrogen. In this case, perhaps the development of estrogen-zavisymyh side effects, such as: the development of gynecomastia, a set of extra fluid (flooded), deposition of fat on the female type. Aromatization is not an absolute evil, as many believe. On the contrary, in the course of aromatization mostly goes only benefit. But if you use excessive dosages of testosterone, the risk of side effects associated with the flavoring increases

Just want to say that all the side effects of androgens and anabolic steroids are reversible. The frequency and the risk of side effects depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. To prevent estrogen – dependent pobochёk, aromatase inhibitors are used: armidekc,  anastrozole eksedrol or antiaromataznye drugs: Tamoxifen ,  Proviron.

Excessive aromatization characteristic long testosterone esters, testosterone propionate whereas, though subject to aromatization, but almost no side effects and does not retain water.

Ideally, the second week of the course testosterone, you can start taking anastrozole, to prevent flavoring. If possible, after 7 days, you need to make an analysis of estradiol, to monitor the effectiveness of the inhibitor.


Aftertreatment antiestrogen therapy: Tamoxifen or Clomid should be started after the complete elimination of the drug. For propionate, FCT, you can start the next day, after the last injection. . For enanthate and cypionate, 2 weeks after the last injection of  How to take Clomid or Tamoxifen , you can read in the article: ” How to spend FCT ”  At high doses go long-term use of testosterone greatly suppresses testosterone production. Ate you’re planning a long or “hard” course, you need to be sure to buy a gonadotropin. How to apply gonadotropin , it is written in the description of the drug.

Testosterone is represented by the following trademarks:

Testosterone II from the Balkans – the most commonly purchased dough propionate in our store. Dough II from the Balkans – time-tested quality.

Testoged P from Golden Dragon – propionate probably the best on the market. Fabulous quality. Unreal drive and sexual desire after application.

Testover P of Vermodzhe – good preparation. Unfortunately, due to not correct policy Vermodzhe and “war” to discredit between Farmakom and Vermozhde, the latter’s reputation has been severely “tarnished”.

Propionate the SP – testosterone propionate from SP LABS. According to their performance and composition – one in a propionate of the Balkans. Produced exclusively in bottles of 10 ml.

Testosterone enanthate is represented by the following trademarks:

Testosterone Depo by Galenika – considered the best on the market enanthate ester in Europe. This bestseller.

Testover E of Vermodzhe,   the second most popular drug. Soft injection, a clear work.

Testosterone E from the Balkans   – good old enka. Works well, “without a hitch” Do not doubt the quality of Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Testoged E of Golden Dragon – a relatively new manufacturer in our market, and since we know that the new, then the best, then the test is definitely recommended to purchase

Unfortunately, in USA, testosterone cypionate not gained much popularity. Cypionate, as presented in this product above manufacturers. And as cypionate and enanthate are similar, it does not make sense to once again describe each brand.