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Oral only stack (Methandienone, Mesterolone)


Manufacturer: Mix of brands
Category: Steroid cycles
Substance: Methandienone, Mesterolone

Product Description

Products incorporated: 3 x GP Methan fifty, THREE by GP Proviron, 2 Liv-52.
Length: 6 months
Months 1-8 50 milligrams GP Methan50 daily
Months 1-8 25-mg GP Proviron daily
Months 1-8 THREE Liv 52 obtained twice daily.
This really is an 8-week dental just bunch for all those seeking to add power and some bulk while preventing shots. The Methan50 is just a dental steroid that is effective and also the proviron may then add additional androgen release the quantity of testosterone and towards the blend while helping control oestrogen. The Liv 52 is roofed to keep consitently the liver healthier throughout C’s 2 months utilize. Beginning on evening INCH, consider 1 Proviron half pill of Methan50, and 1 Liv 52 about an hour or so before your exercise. Before mattress, consider TWO more Liv 52 half pill of GP Methan50. Do that for 2 months, and continue steadily to consider the Liv 52 regarding ten times following the cycle’s end.