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NovoRapid FlexPen (Insulin Human Injection – rDNA origin)


Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk, Denmark
Category: Insulins
Substance: Insulin Human Injection (rDNA origin)
Package: 1 pen/ 3ml cartridge (100iu/ml)

Product Description

Novorapid (Novolog within the Usa) would be the brands regarding Novo Nordiskis quick-performing kind of individual insulin aspart.
It’s very quickly whenever Novorapid is shot – functions quickly to stabilize blood sugar, and performing. It certainly will final for FIVE and between THREE hrs, and usually starts operating after 10-20 moments. It might be shot before meals, and occasionally soon after, to make sure rigid control of postprandial degrees.
Nordisk offers created several distinctive insulin pencils that permit shot that was simple. These are called FlexPen.